All guests can use the dock. Nice place to be. Where one can enjoy the proximity to the water and the beautiful surroundings.

There are 2 bathing stairs on the dock that one can use for down and up from the water. It is nice to go out in the water from the land too. Swimming and sunbathing for the whole family. There are also tables and chairs that you can use. 

A fire pit is available for burning wood. Firewood must be purchased.  


The water at the dock is called the Lundevannet and is 19 km long and at the deepest 320 meters. This is fresh water and regulated for electricity. 

There are opportunities to fish in the Lundevannet without a fishing license. 

The types of fish that are available here are: Trout and char. 


We have for rent fishing rods, otters and nets. 

If one wants to fish in other waters in the immediate area, then require a fishing license. Contact staff. 




The boat  Pioner Multi 17 foot with 60 horse Yamaha outboard engine,March speeds 22 knots, top speeds 28 knots. This boat  you can onley rent with a driver.

Boat with driver is rented on an hourly basis, NOK 580, - including taxes.
Gasoline comes as well.

Driver has local knowledge of the area. 

We have a boat for hire. The boat is type Rana 17 feet with windshield, engine 20 horses Yamaha. The boat is a steady and good semi-flat boat that has room for 6 people. 

Rent at 24 hour price NOK 400, -      Week rent NOK 1700 –

Fuel comes in addition. 

According to Norwegian law, you need life jacket. You can rent this for NOK 25,- per person per rental time.


Canoes for rent


We have 2 canoes for rent. There is room for 2 adults and 1 child in each of them. The canoes are easy to get into and are steady in the water.

Canoe rental per day NOK 200, - 

Week rental NOK 950, - 

According to Norwegian law, you need life jackets, which are rented for NOK 25, - per person per rental period.



The wilderness camp is on the other side of the bay and you need a boat orcanoe to get there.

Here you can travel on day trips or overnight stays. Bath in the Lundevannet
and go for walks in the area.

The campsite is ready for campfire cooking. There
are opportunities to set up a tent and spend the night in a hammock.
All the equipment needed to do this must be self-contained and brought to the

A wonderfully peaceful area where one really is out in nature.

The area consists
of high steep mountains, woods with large and old trees, rocky shores, and
open rock / nature down to the water.

A fantastic place to explore and find
peace. Imagine waking up to a view of the Lundevannet from a hammock.

Nature can offer challenges, and this is a journey at your own risk.

The wilderness camp is under construction.
Contact the staff for more information. Guide can help show the area.



Tours with Guide. 

 Trip suggestion 1: 


Round trip, Langevann to Stemvann, goes on to the top with beautiful views, 280 meters above sea level. About 2 hours walk. There is a break in the tour.

Difficulty: Slightly trained. 

Price NOK 450, - for the whole trip. From 1-8 people. 


Trip suggestion 2: 

Trip to the Heptebergnuten, 550 meters above sea level, with a fantastic view. About 3 hours trip. There is a break in the tour. 

Difficulty: Medium trained. 

Price NOK 650, - for the whole trip. From 1-8 people. 


Trip suggestion 3: 

Trip to the Heptebergnuten, 550 meters above see level, down to the valley, further out the marshland, small wather and descend on Grønnsund. Going back on the road. This is a 4-6 hour tour. 

Difficulty: Well trained. 

Price NOK 1200, - for the whole trip. From 1-8 people. 


Contact staff for tour suggestions.



Here you can take a dip in lundevannet

followed by sauna with a Beautiful view


400 kr

for 2 hours